Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pregnant?! It's not official but......

On Wednesday, October 2nd, two days post transfer, our carrier asked me what I thought about taking a home pregnancy test to see what it would say before the official blood test on the 14th.  The initial thought of it filled me with anxiety and I really wasn't sure what I wanted to do.  If it was negative, I didn't really want to wait another week to take the blood test, I would want to get started on planning the next transfer cycle right away.  However, if it was positive, it would be a long long week of waiting for the blood test to come back to make it official.  I figured either way it wouldn't ease or exacerbate my anxiety so we decided to go ahead and do it.  Our carrier really wanted to know also and I think even if I said no, she probably would have taken it anyway out of curiosity which I would have been fine with too.

Anyway, we decided we would wait until today to take the test.  Our agent said that a test could be taken 4-5 days post transfer but I figured day 6 would make me feel better.  Taking it at day 4 or 5 could have led to a false negative and a weekend of sadness.  I was mentally prepared with either way it went but obviously wanted it to be positive and when I turned my phone on this morning, this is what I woke up to with a note saying "I have a present for you :-)"......

It's faint but it's positive!!

I just stared at the pic with about a million things running through my mind but then immediately forwarded the picture to a small handful of close friends.  A false negative does indeed happen but false positives are very rare so even though it's not official until the blood test next week, we're pretty much assuming that we're pregnant and we are both extremely excited and now all of a sudden very nervous about the next 9 months.  

Now we just wait for the blood test on the 14th and then the ultrasound to see how many little ones are growing on the 28th.  It'll be an eventful month!!

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